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Partner Program
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Drop Shipping Fulfillment Services
    America's World of Oil Painting is equipped to provide custom drop ship fulfillment services for the products we sell. You or your company can sell the products shown on our Web site, including all of our oil paintings, and we'll drop ship the products directly to your customers with your name on the shipping label and packing list.
    This is not an affiliate program, it is a custom drop shipment fulfillment program. You can sell the products in any way (Web site, printed catalog, or some other means), and you can charge whatever price you want for the items. You collect the money from your customers and handle all of the credit card processing, checks, and customer service inquiries. You'll also collect any shipping and handling fees you wish to charge.
    You do not need to enroll in this program to resell our prints. The Drop Shippers Fulfillment Program is only for those who need products shipped to others outside their community. It is especially useful for those selling prints on auction services such as eBay.
    After receiving orders, simply place the order online using the special Coupon Code that we give you, and we will ship the products directly to your customers using our mailing tubes and related supplies, but with your shipping label. Low Cost Prints will not appear anywhere for the customer to see.
    When you place each order, you'll provide a valid credit card number. We'll charge the credit card number you've given us for your cost of the products plus shipping charges.
        email: partner@worldofoilpainting.com
        Tel. 1(678)464-3504.
        Fax: 1(678)393-2027 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

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