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Mary Cassatt
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Oil Paintings Reproductions

Your Desired Motif Oil Painting.

Hand painted reproduction with 100% satisfaction guarantee. You are able to order any paintings by any artists with any sizes you like.

Please email us your desired motif or simply the artist's name and painting title to

Or, you may type in the your desired painting title on the "Comment" area in the "Check Out" page.

We offer oil paintings of sporting dogs, Equestrian, and other wildlife subjects.

We also offer oil paintings of landscapes, prints.

We are glad to reproduce any paintings by these artists(ordered by the first letter of their last names).

Please note that, we offer 9 different sizes from 8X10 to 48X72 (or from 1 to 9).
(Figure painting prices are for realism figures paintings, like those by John William Waterhouse, Adolphe-William Bouguereau, Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, etc. All other paintings - landscape, seascape, floral, still life, impressionism, abstract etc., for example, those by Monet, van Gogh, choose the lower prices in the price chart)

SIZE inches (vertical or horizontal)8x1012x1620x1620x2424x3624x4830x4036x4848x72
PRICE US$ (figure painting) 4570100135175210210240360
PRICE US$ (landscape still life etc) 4555658090105105125185

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